Arctic Blue Sunglasses - Ski / Sports / Running Unisex Model - New UV400 Protected Lenses - Anti Glare Bluetech Lenses Black Hybrid

Arctic Blue Sunglasses - Ski / Sports / Running Unisex Model - New UV400 Protected Lenses - Anti Glare Bluetech Lenses Black Hybrid

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  • Glasses conform to ANSI Z80.3 General Purpose UV Protection standards and European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with standard Pr EN 1836.1997 and are CE approved
  • UV400 Protection (UVA and UVB)
  • Super flex legs stop the glasses from moving during activity & shatter proof optical quality polycarbonate lenses
  • Wrap style protects against dirt and grit as well as ambient, reflected and direct sun light
  • Adapted for Skiing / Sports - Face Wrap Feature with Soft Ear Pieces
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Arctic Blue Sunglasses - Ski / Sports / Running Unisex Model - New UV400 Protected Lenses - Anti Glare Bluetech Lenses

Extremely poor quality pair of sunglasses! I purchased in January and only wore them 3 times between January & August and they snapped. Very poor quality of plastic. Also "Europe Fashions - Marketplace" refused to replace or refund. The response back was just an opportunity to upsell , they said ""Unfortunately we can't do anything after that length of time, of course we wouldn't know how they were stored / treated etc.

I can try to request a code for a buy one get one free so that if you replace them you'll get 2 pairs rather than 1.""
By Kemsley C. 10 August 2017
To be honest, they're okay, but no good for my nog'in. Too small. So they've been passed to my smaller headed son. The branding on the arms stands out from the moulding, and the overall feel isn't great, they feel like cheap and potentially brittle plastic. They don't fold down too easily either, still large in form factor. They don't come with any special packing, just a plastic bag, so there is no way of protecting them when not being worn, not even a soft drawstring cloth bag, nothing. I bought them on special offer, and to be honest, thinking about it (I've already dropped another star off the rating whilst writing this), I'd say at that they were over priced.
By DarronMark 11 August 2016
After I decided to ditch the glasses for contacts i needed another pair of sunglasses particularly for driving. the perscription ones became useless.
These ones are really good. Darker than what i expected but i love the reflective lenses.
Only con i have concerning them is that i find them a tad tight on the head particularly at my ears and I don't have a large head. Not too bad though that makes them unbearable to wear.
By Tina 7 January 2017
I bought these for a skiing holiday. In my opinion they were a waste of money as after 3 days they had a crack above the lens, rendering them useless. You get what you pay for I guess.
By Lynnetripmum 15 February 2018
Brilliant idea and the lenses are brilliant. They are just the right colour too. The glasses look great.
The frame is far too small so didn't fit. I was very disappointed as thought that they were a very good buy.
I bought whilst on special offer as a deal of the day
By Hortech 11 September 2016
I was looking for a cheap pair of sunglasses for work, im outside all day everyday so its important to have some uv eye protection. Its also important that they dont fall off when I move around or bend over. Id read the reviews, some say they are a little tight, and i can see that, but they dont fall off and its not uncomfortable, at least for me. Lenses are not too dark and the build seems ok. For the price, im impressed. They look good too.
By R. Hillery 29 April 2018
I like the look and design of these glasses.
One thing I want to compliment is the build quality of these glasses. The hinges feel solid, and the plastic is thick and feels durable.
It has a good quality look and feel.

The one thing i'd say is, they make vision very dark. Which is good if (like me) you're sensitive to the sun, but you wouldn't be able to wear these in low light or indoors.
By Mule 23 April 2014
i'm loving these glasses! the price is great for something that feels like they should be more. they look really cool too and i love how dark the lenses are it takes the sting out of those days when the sun wants to burn out your eyeballs while driving or riding. only gripe i have is why oh why do they not do a white framed pair! :( other than that i love them.
By steve 30 January 2016